About The Trading Post:

The Trading Post is a dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. We offer facebook shout-outs, product reviews, featured shop of the week, we host giveaways and offer sample packages. Our larger sample packages are packed with full sized products and is auctioned each month. A % of the proceeds go to a non-profit organization. (We are still looking for the perfect charity to donate to. If you have any suggestions, please email us!) 

General FAQ:

 Would you like your shop/page to be featured? Receive a shout out? 

You can sign up to have your shop/page featured and request shout outs under the discussions tab on our facebook page.

Would you like The Trading Post to host your giveaway? Write a product review?

Please send me an email if you would like to have TTP host your giveaway or write a product review.

FAQ - Sample Packages:

For buyers:
How can I buy a sample package?
You will be able to buy sample packages through our hyena cart soon! Hopefully , we will have the first packages up for sale by the end of the month!

For Shops/pages:
How does it work?
You send in business cards, samples, coupons or full sized items to be sent out in our sample packages. The packages will then be sold to potential customers to enjoy before committing to buy from you. Selling online can be tough! There are so many options out there…This is your chance to shine! By sending in your awesome samples, coupons etc. you are letting your customers touch and see the quality of your products, helping them choose to buy from you!

How will the packages be sold?
Sample Packages will be sold for slightly more than the cost of shipping. The additional cost will help me pay for shipping supplies and transportation to the p.o.
Large packages (full of full sized products) will be auctioned through our hyena cart each month. 10% of the proceeds will go to a (currently undecided) non-profit organization. The remainder will help maintain the shop, blog, supplies etc. 

What is the minimum I can contribute to be a sponsor?
The minimum you can contribute is 7 samples, cards, coupons etc. You can, however send in as many as you would like. If there are additional cards, samples, coupons after the month’s samples have been shipped, they will be added to the next month’s batch of packages.

I want to send in just coupon/business cards. Is that ok?
Yes! However, we have limited slots for coupons and business cards so sign up fast! We want these packages to have samples and goodies for customers to enjoy! So please consider sending in something more than business cards/coupons to help draw in customers.

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